To talk about us and how SOCK´M was born is kinda awkward, because we ́d love to have this story where a planner, an art director and a concept thinker, all bored of working in advertising, decide to quit and start up a project. Then we ́d go on about how it let them be themselves, and do things the way they ́d always dreamed of, without asking anyone for permission, without having to convince anyone... But, you know? It ́s so cliché nowadays to be “real”, and because we like to think we ́re honest guys, we feel we have to tell you what ́s behind the brand even though...


Get this. We all went camping high into the mountains on our little island. When we got there, it started snowing really hard and, all of a sudden, we were trapped. Stranded and hungry, we start looking for food and Alejandro finds some berries that look pretty tasty. After knocking back a few each, we fall asleep. The next thing I know Raúl ́s running butt naked out of his tent, into the snow, and yelling “THEY ́RE HERE! IT ́S THEM! AND THEY ́RE ALL WEARING KNEE-HIGH SOCKS!”

So, I try and get dressed as fast as I can but I can ́t find my clothes anywhere. Anyway, I run after him, butt naked too, except for a sock on one foot and the other in my hand (I ended up losing three toes on my left foot). Eventually I caught up with Raúl, only to find him sat in a tree giggling with a bunch of really weird creatures, all naked except for some knee-high socks. It was like something out of AVATAR, but very different. Further off I could see Alejandro, drawing in the snow, and dancing all crazy. 

The first thing that I thought of was “fuck, if we have to tell this story in our “about us”, no one ́s going to believe us”. We spent the whole night with these beings, rain-dancing and tattooing the soles of our feet...old skool style! I mean, what ́s the point of that? No one ́s going to see them, plus the pain was unbearable, but hey, when in Rome... Meanwhile, Ale kept drawing wild animals in the snow. Raúl, who was really getting on with those dudes, was tattooing their socks and going on about the time he ́d been at Pearl Harbor with Sailor Jerry. We all knew that was crap, but the situation was so bizarre that nobody cared. Me? Well, I was just writing stuff on trees trying to look inconspicuous, seeing as though everyone was acting all mad and shit. What happened next was the craziest adventure I ́ve ever had, but I ́m not going to tell you, because you definitely won ́t believe me.

The next morning we woke up in the tents with the worst headache ever, and with socks on our hands. As soon as we were outside we saw this huge box, with the word “SOCK'M” engraved on the top. We stood there staring at this box, just thinking about what had happened the night before. Only now there was no snow, no trees with red berries and certainly no creatures with knee-high socks. Only this enormous box and us.

After thinking about it for a couple of hours we decided, the best thing would be to open the box and see what was inside. But because nobody wanted to be the one to open it, we had a game of rock, paper, scissors, stone, and as per usual, I lost. So, grabbing a stick, I started to poke and prod the box just in case there was something fierce inside, like some sort of beast or spider (they give me the heebie-jeebies), or some weird beings like last night. But no... it was stuffed full of socks with funky drawings of wild animals, old skool tattoos, and odd quotes about things to do with feet. The three of us stood there, stunned. What were we going to do? If we told people about what had happened, they ́d think we ́d lost our marbles, or worse. But if we didn ́t, it would kill us. Plus, what the hell were we going to do with an enormous box full of socks?

In the end we decided that the best thing to do was sell them and forget about it. And, because nobody was going to believe our story, we created this brand, called it SOCK'M, after the word engraved on the box, and we told the truth. After all, who was going to want to waste their time reading an “ABOUT US”?