Hey listen... 

Don ´ t settle

Even though it might be easier to follow the herd.

Don´t.  There are other paths.

Don´t forget that you´ve always been free.

Even if they may have told you otherwise.

You can still choose.

Seriously though... hear me out.

Don´t settle.

Get up and fight for what you love.

Listen to that little voice.

It´s not your head. It´s your heart.

Forget the killjoys and the cynics.

Because the world does get better, if you want it to.

Please.. go for it.

Don´t settle.

Maybe you think you missed your chance or maybe you think it has yet to arrive.

Either way, go for it.

Life flies by.

(Blink and you´ve missed it)

They´ll say that only a chosen few will make it.

Don´t let them fool you. For most of them haven´t even tried.

Honestly... believe in yourself.

Don´t settle

And if you happen to fall, bruised and battered, exploring unchartered territories.

Don´t give up. It´s worth the fight.

The time has come to cut loose.

Because this way, and this way only, is the path to freedom.