Limited edition

The socks the first ever space tourists will wear.

For most people on Earth, an astronaut wears spacesuits – a styleless, technical ‘costume’. But last year’s European Space Agency initiative, ‘Couture in Orbit’, in which five fashion schools designed clothing that is both desirable and practical, shed light on how fashion can be taken to higher levels.

Space has long influenced fashion, from films such as Star Trek and A Space Odyssey to Christopher Kane’s Space-inspired collection showcased at London Fashion Week last month.


An innovative project where design meets science to meet the challengings conditions in space. 

Designer socks with character, strictly for the unconventional. Socks made with fire-proof cotton, reinforced with silver and copper thread which help inhibit the electrostatic charge commonly found in synthetic fabric when in zero gravity.

space socks

SOCK´M, the first brand to manufacture designer socks made for space travel in collaboration with “Zero 2 Infinity”.

In 1936, Emilio Herrera Linares, a Spanish scientist and aviator, came up with the world´s first spacesuit designed to reach the Stratosphere, where you can see space and the Earth´s curve. 81 years later, we ´re following in his footsteps by creating, in collaboration with Zero 2 Infinity, the first designer socks made for space travel.  Another Spanish company, full of unconventional characters (misfits), is now carrying Emilio´s torch.


We launched SOCK'M because we love to explore. Explore new formulas, new fabrics, new paths. But we also want to explore the limits of our creativity, and push a category to new heights.

That same creativity, born out of curiosity and originality, has led us to dream as wildly as others have before us.

A LIMITED EDITION MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY COTTON For those of us who dream of space travel, even if its still out of reach.

As most of us still don´t have the resources or the tools to travel to space, we have designed this LIMITED EDITION so we can carry on dreaming up new paths (with out feet on the ground… for now, anyway)